Monday, September 12, 2011

Fabric Coil Bowl

When I started compiling the list of blogs I read for my blog list I came across the tutorial on Prudent Baby for their Scrap-Busting Fabric Bowl.  I have been a lurker on Prudent Baby for a long time now. Their tutorials are great- if you have never visited their site you've got to head over there right now!  They have been a great inspiration to me when I started sewing for my girls...their snappy toddler top in particular- love it.
Even though I have a number of projects already going at the same time, I just had to get started on this one.  I finished it within a few hours of reading the tutorial.  I am insane.  This includes tagging along with the husband and kids to Home Depot to buy screws...and um, looking for a suitable cord to wrap fabric around so I could make a bowl.  Needless to say he didn't understand the urgency in this and wanted to go alone to pick up the screws he needed to fix the door on our porch, he doesn't understand that my NEED to make this was so strong! 

Lately when I come across an idea or tutorial online that catches my eye I can't stop thinking about it until I start it.  Am I the only one who feels this way?  It is almost like an addiction- the need to create.  Crazy. 

 Anyways, I tagged along to Home Depot and decided to go with a natural Sisal rope.  I liked the idea of using a natural fiber, rather than some of the bright yellow polyester ropes they had...and it was around $8 for 50 feel- yay. 

Having several vintage sheets in my stash I decided to use a cool retro 70's print, with oranges/pinks and greys- perfect for fall.  I love the idea of using old linens for this project, some of the colors and prints out there work great for this project, and the sheets are pretty inexpensive and turned out to be the perfect weight for this project. 

So, I started out with this sheet (that I had already made a peasant dress out of!)  and I took the short edges and clipped across roughly every inch or so.  This made it very easy to just tear across the sheet, to end up with a number of strips (I lost count!) 

Using just these three supplies- a crochet hook, my fabric strips and the sisal rope (and about 30 minutes) I ended up with this....

I love how it turned out...and works perfectly on my coffee table to hold my latest knitting project! 

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  1. Your bowl came out great -- nice colors! Good luck with your new blog!