Thursday, September 15, 2011

Finished...and almost on time

I am so excited that I actually finished my 1969 girls dress the other day.  Not so excited that I didn't get it modeled and photographed until almost dark last night, and am only attempting to blog it right now- but oh, well!  Overall I am pretty happy with how it turned out, I guess.  Excuse the dark and grainy photos, I wasn't organized enough to get the shots of this until almost bedtime.  Oops.

I knew it would be a bit too big (and longer than the original style), my daughter is a 4/5T and the dress pattern is a 6x- but this just means it will work for next year too right?  I love the corduroy fabric I used, but I feel like it still needs something?  I am tempted to go off pattern and add cute pockets or some sort of bib/button to fancy it up.  My daughter only agreed to keep it on for a few minutes last night, and she was bouncing around the entire time.  I am hoping that once I pair it with a pair of cute tights and shoes I will be happy with it. 

Either way I am so proud of myself for following the pattern and it will be a nice warm dress for the fall- if she agrees to wear it!  She is now refusing to wear any of the handmade clothes I have made her for school...apparently they aren't cool enough- even for preschool.  I thought for sure I'd have at least a few more years before I had to worry about that!  It certainly is weakening my sewing mojo...not inspired to continue sewing for her if the items just hang in her closet...hmm.  Maybe this just means I should make something for myself next? 

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